Just Call Me A N%$#*r Why Dont Ya?!?

Hmm…ok……despite the fact that a black man is the leader of the free world ( Im talking about my husband in my head,  President Barack H. Obama ) there has been a rampant surge is racism here lately…this is getting down right disrespectful. People are really pushing their narrow minded agenda to the limit by blatantly being racist. In the past day, I can cite 3 separate incidences of racism that caught my attention….feel free to travel back in the headlines with me.

Racist Prosecutor Has His MURDER CONVICTIONS Overturned!!!

The Seattle Times reports that a Seattle murder conviction is tossed out over ‘racist’ comments. The state Supreme Court has thrown out a man’s murder conviction in a 2006 gang-related shooting in Pioneer Square, ruling that the prosecutor who tried the case resorted to “racist arguments” to attack defense witnesses. The conviction was appealed on a number of grounds, claiming that Konat ( the prosecutor) “made a blatant and inappropriate appeal to racial prejudice and undermined the credibility of African-American witnesses based on their race,” according to the Supreme Court.The state Court of Appeals agreed that Konat had appealed to racial prejudice during the trial, but upheld Monday’s conviction.

Pretty much, the conviction was overturned because of his big mouth and nasty racist remarks–his racial prejudice was unconstitutional.

“Wiz Khalifah Was Treated Like a Thief at Barneys Department Store…Despite Spending 16K on Gifts for Amber”

I dont even have to go in detail about this one…smh…. Being a young black man in America= a lifetime sentence of racial profiling. Snooty sales people treated Wiz like he was going to steal something from their men’s department, despite the fact that he just dropped enough money for a downpayment of some sort on ladies shoes. It wasnt until staff was made aware that he was a famous talented artist, that they backtracked in their behavior.

I dont even have to explain this next headline….Im simply gonna just post the pic and let you figure this one out:

WHEN ARE WE GOING TO WAKE UP AND ADDRESS THE ISSUES. [ drops mic and walks offstage ]

[[ Headlines originally reported my Mediatakeout ]]

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