Collegetown Baltimore Leadershape Class 2010-2011

I cannot believe its been over a year since I participated in Collegetown Leadershape! I can honestly say that it has been one of the most memorable summer experiences I have had thus far, as regards to leadership and development. The Baltimore Collegetown LeaderShape program connects students across campuses and with their communities to make a better Baltimore. The program is designed for students who have a passion for service and want to be civic-minded leaders–it starts with a week of leadership development and is followed by programming and support throughout an academic year. Students will not only develop visions, but learn to be visionary, and discover how to apply their skills and passions to our city.

Big shoutout and lots of Leadershape love to BALTIMORE CLASS #1 … We paved the path 🙂


Get Ready….GLAM! Is Back

Hey Hey everyone! Its been such a long time since I have had the chance to really sit down and write for GLAM! I just wanted to say, I have been missing you GLAMS! Thank you for keeping me in your prayers and frequently checking the website for updates. I am happy to say that I am back and I have plenty to update you guys on!

Happy Holidays Glams 🙂

Kierra Joanee

Kelly Rowland Has Arrived: Sneak Peek @ Her Album “Here I Am”

With a release date only a couple weeks away, Kelly Rowland gives us a taste of what her forthcoming third studio album, Here I Am will sound like.

The new album, which naturally is led by the #1 single, “Motivation” is slated to hit stores July 26th, in both the standard and deluxe forms. The deluxe edition will include 4 other tracks, which aren’t made available on the album’s preview.

Click here to check it out GLAMs … tell me what you think 🙂

Go The F to Sleep– Narrated by Samuel L. Jackson

When I first saw the title of this book, I thought I was being punked– I read it twice and shook my head. The name of this children’s book indeed was Go The F**k to Sleep. Once I got past the title, I was curious as to what this book was about– thank goodness this silly story is a “children’s book” format, geared more so to the angst ridden parents of  insomniac children. If you want a good laugh, read the book– if you want a gut busting laugh, listen to the audiobook , voiced by none other than Samuel L. Jackson; yes he yells at you and yes its funny as heck. You can download the audio book for FREE if you click here. I think Michael Mansbach did an awesome job capturing the true essence of how parents feel when kids try to milk that extra time before bedtime. I have a two year old sister and a two year old nephew; I have a feeling that those two will be up to the same antics described in the book. Happy reading GLAMs

Fashion Folk Go Goo-Goo for Gaga– CFDA Fashion Icon of the Year

Just when you dont think this chick is done, she yet again leaves us all with out jaw on the floor. Last night in the Council of Fashion Designers of America ( commonly referred to as the CDFA ) crowns Lady Gaga “Fashion Icon of the Year”. Gaga has yet to let us down with her over the top, costume slash art inspired fashion–from the meat dress with sent shockwaves to the penis stilettos  who made us all blush, Gaga has continuously pushed the envelope since she splashed on the scene in 2008. Last night , she attended the CDFA Awards in her normal over the top fashion , and gave a nod to the Queen of Fashion Anna Wintour ( after accidentally calling her a “bitch”)  by donning her signature pageboy bob with a turquoise twist.

#Congrats to Lady Gaga and her ability and fearlessness to rock out loud 🙂

Kelly Rowland Is STILL Motivating– Remixes Spread Like Wildfire

Go Kelly! Go Kelly! Her hit “Motivation” has spawned several remixes among artists– there is a version by Jeremih, The Dream, Mario and even R. Kelly has hopped on “Motivation”.There are about five versions that have leaked in recent week past– the closet thing to an official remix (depending on who you ask)  features Busta Rhymes, Trey Songz & Fabolous. #Shoutout to Kelly! This GLAM in progress is working it out! I wonder how Beyonce is liking this #IJustHadToAsk

Love Is In The Air– Pregnancy is the Newest Trend Among Celebs

GLAMs, I knew pastels, delicate fabrics and florals were popular this season but I had no clue that preganancy was the the “IN” look amongst celebs! The media is all a buzzing with pregnancy this spring! #Shoutout to MediaTakeout and Necole Bitchie for the inside info 🙂 3 Ladies we all love and know are sporting the baby bump this season.

Lauryn Hill – AKA The Most Fertile Woman In America announced her pregnancy back in April 🙂 Congrats on baby number 6!

Fantasia Barino AKA The New Misses Cook *ahem* congrats on being 2 and a half months into your pregnancy..good luck and get it in writing #ImJustSaying

Trina AKA The Baddest is rumored to be pregnant as well….this should be interesting…we will all be watching from the sidelines with this pregnancy

Embrace Your Inner West Indian

All I want to do this Carnival Season is PALANCEParty, Lime and DANCE! Its about that time; the Washington/Baltimore Metropolitan Area is gearing up for Caribbean Carnival Season 2011. The Washington Caribbean Carnival will be held June 25 from 11am till 8pm. The traditional DC parade route will commence at Kansas and Georgia Avenue, NW and end at Barry Place, NW. After the parade revelers and spectators alike will party till sunset at Howard Center Parking facility on Georgia Avenue at Bryant Street, NW. The Baltimore Carribean Carnival will be held on the East side of the city–more details coming soon. Just be ready to party rain or shine!!!! Both days feature an awing parade, music , dance and fun for all ages. If you need more information for DC Carnival 2011 , feel free to click here , the official website for the festivities.Please stay tuned for details for BALTIMORE CARIBBEAN CARNIVAL 2011. Miss Kiki Glam will be participating in both events 🙂


Book It With GLAM!

Hey GLAMs! Im missing you guys every day. Now that the semester is almost over, I have more time to write and interact so be on the look out for new articles. GLAM officially is working in affiliation with DumbLive and BPE Booking and is functioning as a booking agent! Click the photo for more info or send all serious inquiries to or #Mwah